Our Story

B-P Supply, Inc. and the Parnell family have proudly been serving the oil and gas industry since 1983. From their humble roots, the family owned and operated business has grown to include multiple locations, three divisions, and over 100 employees.


It all started as B-P Pump & Supply. With years of experience in sub-surface downhole pump parts sales, Bill Parnell wanted to provide the West Texas area with a top notch pump repair shop and oilfield supply store. Within their first year of operation, Bill and his wife Beverly were joined by their son, Rick. They incorporated in 1985 and changed the name to B-P Supply, Inc. to better represent the diversity of the business. The goal was to provide the customer with everything they needed in one place.


Over the years, B-P Supply, Inc. has been able to build three large warehouses of connections and supplies along with their pump repair shops. To further serve their customers, they also provide roustabout gangs through their B-P Services division. The newest division, B-P Measurement was started by Chris Parnell who represents the 3rd generation of Parnell’s. B-P Measurement is dedicated to designing, fabricating, installing and maintaining well-testing solutions for the oil and gas industry.


Through hard work and dedication, B-P Supply, Inc. has been able to build a management team that is highly coveted and includes some of the most brilliant and experienced people in the industry. The owners, management team and employees are all focused on providing their customers with the best service possible. Whether it's in Texas or as far as Wyoming, they go the extra mile.

Our Mission

Faith, Family, and Hard-Work. In that order. An unwavering commitment to doing the right thing. 


This mission is the reason we do what we do day in and day out. All of our actions are directed with the intent to honor and serve Christ. We are insanely committed to loving and caring for our families, both at home and in the workplace. In regards to hard-work, it's just something we truly enjoy to do! Lastly, every decision we make, we take the time to consider what is right. Not only what benefits ourselves or the company most, but what is genuinely the right thing to do as humans. 


We wholeheartedly believe that it is our responsibility, as a company and as individuals, to serve, that service takes place in three major areas. First, we serve our coworkers. When one of our own is down on their luck, we rally together and take care of each other. Second, we serve our communities. We believe it is our responsibility to make a positive change in the locations that so graciously support us. Third, we serve our customers. B-P has made a name and legacy for itself with our outstanding customer service and we attribute that to the fact that we serve our employees first. As a result, they pass the same value of service on to our customers and their communities daily. We are proud of the staff we have brought together and proud to call them family.

Leadership Team

Beverly Parnell

Co-Founder & Owner

Bill Parnell

Co-Founder & Owner

Rick Parnell

Second Generation Owner

Also known as "Mamaw", Beverly is the heart and soul of our operations. She is always kind, caring and willing to lend a helping hand! 

Also known as "Pops", Bill is the driving force that pushed this company through the hard times of a new business and paved the way for future generations to continue the successful legacy of BP.

Rick is a jack of all trades and has great industry knowledge in all areas of BP's business. Because of that knowledge BP has been able to offer many more services than most of our competitors. His passion for serving his customers can't be matched and that attitude trickles down to all of his employees.

Chris Parnell

Third Generation Owner

Chris has taken on the role of operations manager, and built a very technical knowledge base that includes anything from pump designs to company finances. With these skills we see a very bright future for BP for many years to come.

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