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Through hard work and dedication to our customers, we have been able to leverage over 100 years of pump experience with data and analytics to design rod pumps that reduce failure rates and improve operational efficiencies. Our holistic approach examines root failure causes and adjusts pump designs to not only maximize pump life but also reduce stress and wear on rods and tubing. We also understand it takes a village to effectively reduce failures; therefore, we ensure communication flows efficiently and effectively between chemical representatives, the pump shop and the producer. Our tracking system is web-based allowing all affected parties to view information in real time and make decisions proactively. Being in business for 34 years, we understand the importance of having high-quality manufacturing practices. We only use API 11 AX pump components and have partnered with a Midland manufacture. Sourcing locally not only allows us to have access to inventory quicker but also allows us to validate their processes and quality more frequently which in the end results in better components going downhole. At the end of the day are we the largest downhole pump company? No, but that just makes us work a little harder and a little smarter every day.

Through our longstanding partnership with Rod Pump Tracker, we are able to combine our detailed analytics and with their top of the line statistical software in order to bring our customers the industry leading information for every individual well. This gives our customers the opportunity to create an artificial lift plan that helps every well pump at it's highest potential, while reducing failure rates and increasing production potential. For more information give us a call to set up a sample log-in and explore the options that BP and RPT can provide.

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