BP Supply is dedicated to taking care of its family, and from the day you are made an offer to join our team; you are considered a part of our family. 


Humility is the most important trait we look for when we decide to add a new family member to our staff. Many skills can be trained, but someone who is willing to give credit to those around them and support the rest of the team is not always as easily taught but is highly valuable to B-P Supply. We are confident that a humble person will fit into our mission to serve others very well, while others will find it much more uncomfortable doing business in the manner we do.


An individual who has the hunger we are looking for is always ready to buckle down, roll up their sleeves, and get their hands dirty. From roustabouts to office staff we are looking for employees that are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done and help out the rest of the team.


Similar to the hungry employee, a gritty employee has the ability to stick with a task or job even when things aren't going their way and are hard. We look for people willing to stick with the hungry attitude through thick and thin. 


When we characterize an employee as "Smart" we aren't necessarily referencing their knowledge of physics and calculus. What we are really looking for is employees who have the people smarts to communicate with coworkers and customers in ways that don't escalate situations or cause unnecessary grief. A smart employee is easier to get along with and more enjoyable to work with than just your average worker.

What Employees Say

Rieanna, Dispatcher

BP is a very family oriented company that gives it's employees lots of opportunities to grow with the company. Also, the free donuts we get are a huge plus!

Teresa, Inside Sales

Not just a job, but a career you can enjoy. With the opportunity to learn and be successful.

Aaron, Sales Staff

The Family atmosphere made my transition from active military duty to civilian life much smoother than is typical. I never expected to bond with people in a similar way to those I had served with, but BP has far exceeded my expectations

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