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Oil & Gas Agility in the Permian Basin

In the first several decades of the twentieth century, the Permian Basin became home to a particular breed of entrepreneur. These men were the very first to try and drill for oil in a barren landscape with no guarantee of success. These men had to be flexible, open-minded and willing to roll with the punches that they encountered while attempting to be successful. We are now a century removed from those early wildcatters, but there are some things that have not changed regarding the quality and identity of local businesses in the oil and gas industry. In the current realm of oil and gas in the Permian Basin, it is often the major multinational oil companies and service providers that first come to mind. That makes sense given the current landscape of the industry on a global scale. However, amidst the giants, there exists a breed of companies that thrive on their local roots and the same wildcatter identity that brought the industry to the Permian Basin over 100 years ago. These locally owned oil and gas companies and service providers still possess a unique advantage when compared to the "bigs": their adaptability and agility in navigating the ever-changing landscape of the industry. So how is it that these smaller companies can deliver a level of service that the larger oil companies can't touch, despite having more capital and resources?

Andrews County, Texas. Driller and roughnecks on night tour. November 1942

Understanding Local Dynamics

The Permian Basin is like nowhere else on Earth and one of the greatest strengths of a locally owned oil and gas company lies in its intimate understanding of the local dynamics. In West Texas, we speak differently, we tell different jokes, and we absolutely do business differently. From regulatory requirements to community needs, these companies are deeply ingrained in the fabric and culture of their operational regions. Unlike their larger counterparts, they don't have to manage operations across multiple continents, allowing them to focus entirely on the nuances of West Texas.

Swift Decision-Making

We all know it is easier to turn a small boat than it is to turn an aircraft carrier. In a fast-paced industry like oil and gas, the ability to make swift decisions can make all the difference. Locally owned companies are unencumbered by bureaucratic red tape that often plagues larger organizations. This agility enables them to capitalize on emerging opportunities or swiftly adapt to unforeseen challenges, allowing them to better help their customers solve problems. Whether it's adjusting production levels in response to market fluctuations or implementing new technologies to enhance efficiency, these companies can act decisively, staying ahead of the curve.

Tailored Solutions for Local Challenges

Even within the Permian Basin, no two regions are alike in the world of oil and gas. Each locale presents its own set of challenges, be it geological, environmental, or infrastructural. Locally owned companies possess the flexibility to tailor their solutions to address these specific challenges effectively, often being aware of the challenges even prior to starting a project. Whether it's developing a creative solutions to issues down hole, or understanding seemingly confusing gas measurement data, these companies can innovate and adapt with precision.

Community Engagement and Responsiveness

Being deeply rooted in their communities, locally owned oil and gas companies place a high premium on community engagement and responsiveness. They understand that their success is intertwined with the well-being of the communities they operate in. From supporting local initiatives to prioritizing safety and environmental stewardship, these companies go above and beyond to foster positive relationships with stakeholders. This level of engagement not only enhances trust but also ensures that the company remains responsive to the evolving needs and concerns of the community.


In a landscape dominated by behemoths, locally owned oil and gas companies stand out for their adaptability and agility. By leveraging their deep understanding of local dynamics, making swift decisions, tailoring solutions to local challenges, and prioritizing community engagement, these companies offer a level of service that is both superior and sustainable. In an industry where change is the only constant, the ability to adapt and innovate on a local scale is a competitive advantage that cannot be overstated.


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