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Welcome to
BP Supply, Inc.

Serving the Oil & Gas Industry

For 40+ Years

Serving the energy industry through authentic partnerships.

BP Pump & Supply, Inc.

Your reliable source for pumps, supply and measurement.

Our Focus Areas

BP is a family owned and operated oilfield supply and services company based in West Texas.

We provide solutions for sucker rod pumps, production pipe, valves, fittings, gas measurement services and equipment.


Our legacy at BP has shown the Permian Basin what a true solutions provider really looks like. At BP we are passionate about serving the energy industry through strategic partnerships. 

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Down Hole Rod Pumps

​BP Pump & Supply has been in the down hole rod pump business for over four decades. We have earned our reputation as a leader in innovation by:

-Decreasing failure rates

-Maximizing production

-Providing quality technical expertise


BP Pump & Supply can design your rod strings, analyze your dynamometer cards, and repair your rod pumps, so that you can focus on optimizing your operations with quality data and information you can trust.

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Measurement Solutions

When it comes to gas measurement solutions, we can help you keep everything in field running smoothly. Our team is knowledgable in many different systems to ensure our ability to help you solve problems, regardless of the equipment you're running.

We stock, install, and calibrate ABB Totalflows, Nuflo Scanners, and Emerson flow computers as well as  orifice meter tubes from 2” to 8”. We also stock and calibrate a full line of liquid measurement devices such as: turbines, coriolis, mag, and vortex.​ Additionally, we offer gas sampling and portable chromatograph services.


Whether it’s repairing a meter in the field or implementing a preventive maintenance and calibration program, our measurement technicians can ensure you're getting accurate data from your measurement devices. 

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Oilfield Supply

We know the oil and gas industry operates on efficiency. At BP, we pride ourselves on having a large fleet of around 80 delivery trucks that are supported by the best supply team anyone could ever ask for.


We will get the right parts onto the truck and in your hands efficiently and at a competitive price. With BP, your days of having crews sitting around waiting for parts are a thing of the past.

4 Convenient Locations


1400 W. Broadway

Andrews, TX 79714


1317 S. Lynn Ave.

Lamesa, TX 79331


11710 Tower Road

Midland, TX 79707


1706 E. Sealy

Monahans, TX 79756



Mon - Fri

8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Who We Are

Authentic, Gritty, Humbly Confident, and People Focused.

BP has remained innovative while staying true to the way we've always done business since 1983. We're really proud of the story of how we got here, proud of the company we are today, and excited about the company we're looking to become.

Josh Medina

Fasken Oil and Ranch, Ltd.

"Whenever we face challenges with tough wells, BP has consistently been there with their forward-thinking technology and expert advice. Their innovative products and insightful suggestions have made pumping the most demanding wells seem effortless."

Kris Dokey

High Noon Resources

"BP has made our life easier by fast response time and a team with great knowledge to help work to solve any production challenge we face. We are proud to be partnered with BP!"

Chris Bates

Continental Resources

"Our collaboration with BP has been exceptional. Their expertise, reliability, and commitment to quality have made them our go-to supply store."
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