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Creating Authentic Partnerships Since 1983

BP Supply, Inc. is a reputable company based in West Texas, specializing in the sales and servicing of oilfield down hole rod pumps, provision of oilfield parts, and offering services for oilfield measurement solutions. BP has never wavered from doing business the same way our founder, Bill Parnell, started the company back in 1983. We believe in being authentic, gritty, humbly confident and people focused. We believe that operating in this way is best not only for our business, but for our entire West Texas community. At BP, we don't want to just sell you services and parts, we want to build a relationship with you and your employees to succeed in this industry together. 

Our Mission

Serving Others By Being An Exceptional Company

At BP Pump & Supply, Inc., our mission is to contribute to building a better and sustainable world through our commitment to providing top-notch solutions for the energy industry. We are passionate about delivering quality products and services that meet the demanding and diverse needs of the oil and gas industry. Our team is dedicated to innovation, reliability, and excellence in everything we do.

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Artificial Lift

Are you looking to decrease failure rates, maximize production, and benefit from quality technical expertise?

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Looking to keep your existing equipment operating at optimal efficiency? BP has you covered.

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Tired of having to shut down production because you're waiting on a delivery? With BP, you get the right parts and you get them fast.

Watch the BP40 Documentary

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